Apple First M1 Chip

Apple Announce his M1 chip. Apple Says, is the first personal computer chip built using cutting edge 5 nano meter process technology

Apple M1 chip is optimized for Mac systems in which small size and power efficiency are critically important. it features the world’s fastest CPU core in low-power silicon, the world’s best CPU performance per watt, the world’s fastest integrated graphics in a personal computer.

Apple M1 Chip

First System on a Chip for the Mac

Macs and PCs have traditionally used multiple chips for the CPU, I/O, security, and more. Now with M1, these technologies are combined into a single SoC, delivering a whole new level of integration for greater performance and power efficiency. M1 also features a unified memory architecture that brings together high-bandwidth, low-latency memory into a single pool within a custom package. This allows all of the technologies in the SoC to access the same data without copying it between multiple pools of memory, further improving performance and efficiency.

Apple M1 Chip

It pairs this with up to an 8-core GPU, which Apple claims offers the world’s fastest integrated graphics. In addition, the M1 processor has a 16-core Neural Engine, a universal memory architecture, an “Apple-designed Thunderbolt controller with support for USB 4,” an image signal processor, media encode and decode engines, and a host of security features. These include hardware-verified secure boot, encryption, and runtime protections.

Apple M1 Chip Read More About Apple M1 Chip

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Apple says its new apple mac book air, which features the chip, can play up to 18 hours of video on a single charge (up from 12 hours) and offers up to 15 hours of wireless web browsing per charge (up from 11 hours previously). It also doesn’t need a fan, meaning the laptop should run near silently.

Apple says that the M1-powered Macs are better devices, because its own silicon delivers better performance and longer battery life. For instance, the new MacBook Air can deliver battery lifetime of 17 hours when web browsing and 18 hours when watching movies. Similarly, Apple’s new M1 chip enables up to twenty hours of battery life on the new MacBook Pro. The new Macs now act more sort of a smartphone and tablet, with the power to awaken instantly. Plus, the new Macs can even run iPhone apps, if developers make them available on Apple’s App Store.

What’s new about the M1-powered MacBook Pro?

The 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 chip can deliver 2.8 times the CPU performance, 5x faster graphics, up to 11x faster machine learning, and up to 20 hours of battery life. The new machine looks identical to the existing 13-inch MacBook Pro (Intel variant) but comes with the M1 chip.

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More Innovative Technologies Packed into M1

The M1 chip is packed with a number of powerful custom technologies, including:

  • Apple’s latest image signal processor (ISP) for higher quality video with better noise reduction, greater dynamic range, and improved auto white balance.
  • The latest Secure Enclave for best-in-class security.
  • A high-performance storage controller with AES encryption hardware for faster and more secure SSD performance.
  • Low-power, highly efficient media encode and decode engines for great performance and extended battery life.
  • An Apple-designed Thunderbolt controller with support for USB 4, transfer speeds up to 40Gbps, and compatibility with more peripherals than ever.

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M1 Power New Mac Book Air, 13-inch Macbook Pro and Mac Mini.They join the rest of the Mac product line to form the strongest Mac lineup ever. This is the beginning of a transition to a new family of chips designed specifically for the Mac.The transition to Apple silicon will take about two years to complete, and these three systems are an amazing first step.

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